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Manual Adjusting

Manual Adjusting Technique is where manual force chiropractic adjustment (MFCA) is used. Patients usually request MFCA because they are familiar with it. It helps deal with stiffness pain or soreness in the neck, back, and other joints

What is manual adjusting?

The manual adjusting technique is used during regular massages and is common in chiropractic practices where it is used when procedures for stimulating the muscles by infrared or laser technology have failed to resolve the stiffness and soreness in the areas affected.


Adjustments applying deep force is a specialized method adopted by chiropractors who use their hands to administer low amplitude quick thrust to specific areas of the joints, back or neck. The manual adjusting technique is used to loosen the joints that may be stuck for making them more flexible and to lessen the pain and discomfort the patient is experiencing. In most cases, the patient develops the pain because of improper motion between two bones, and the adjustments help to restore the movement to provide relief to the patient.